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Why Your Deals AREN’T Closing! And the ONE Thing You Can Do To Change That

“I know sales really well” she said. “I can usually predict what my clients are struggling with, and I recommend a solution right away. Yet, they’re not closing. And the worst part is when I follow up with them in a month or so they ended up going with someone else, and for more money! I just don’t understand it!” Stephanie’s situation is not unique…

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3 Tools to Create Greater Balance (& Success) in Your Life & Biz

As lady bosses, we have the ability to choose and control our surroundings—building joy, balance, and pleasure into our days—in a way that many other folks don’t. But often, we don’t use this to our advantage, letting our to do lists & never-ending workload run the show. Building these three tools into our daily lives as part of how we work each day helps balance our lives and bring success in business.

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