Best Apps for Your Growing Business

We asked, you answered!

In the ever-changing, always-on-the-move business world we work in today, what apps can you not live without? Here’s a collection of our favorite apps to help you manage, communicate, and network, courtesy of Hatch Tribe business owners.



This free app allows you to manage your projects and to-do list from just about anywhere. Invite your group members and tackle projects on the go without any designated meeting time. Within the app, you can assign tasks, reminders, and requests as you think of them with corresponding due dates and an ability to check off the task upon completion. Asana allows you to comment and upload files directly on the task itself, so all work pertaining to the project stays in one convenient area.



Canva makes design easy without any complicated software. With 60,000+ templates to choose from, you can customize your graphic without starting from scratch (although you can also start from scratch if you’re so inclined). It’s perfect for creating instagram posts, logos, blog headers, and so much more. Plus, it’s available on your iPhone, iPad and computer so you can create your designs anyplace, anytime.



Todoist is the planner of the future. You’ll never have to reach for a pen and risk losing your train of thought. It allows you to not only remember deadlines but even set recurring deadlines for the future. Include a hashtag when typing in your task to help create specialized folders. You can even highlight your most important tasks by color-coding according to priority level and then track your progress with customized productivity graphs.

Cut Story for Instagram Stories:

Finally, we don’t feel limited by the countdown when filming an Instagram story. With Cut Story, just take the whole video and then divide it later to create a seamless progression of smaller clips. Within this app, you can break the longer video into separate clips of any length and then have them exported to your Instagram story in chronological order. Cut Story also allows you to add music to your newly separated video clips. Even videos filmed weeks ago can be uploaded to your story today, allowing for a little more freedom with your schedule.

Later for Instagram:

Later for Instagram is a scheduling tool that automatically publishes to Instagram. Using Later, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts into one place, plan your Instagram feed ahead of time, and have all your posts published without those pesky push notifications. Schedule days, weeks or even months ahead of time and just watch the likes roll in.

Grammarly Keyboard:


This app allows you to write that important email without hesitation (or the time is takes back to think back to seventh grade grammar class). Grammarly Keyboard takes spell check to the next level by adding vocabulary enhancements, an advanced punctuation correction system, and so much more. The app also lets you know when it auto-corrects your spelling to avoid any “auto-correct fails” before you click the send button.


Shapr creates opportunities to connect with up to 15 relevant professionals in your area. On your profile you include your industry, work experience, and networking goals along with up to 10 professional interests (marked with a hashtag e.g. #marketing). This app allows for networking without having to attend any networking events in person.



With Grasshopper, you can take your business with you anywhere you go. Access voicemails, call history, and even change call forwarding settings all from your iPhone. This app is perfect for business communication without the restraint of business hours. You can communicate with clients to relay changes in business hours, rescheduled appointment times, or special promotions from the comfort of your own home. With Grasshopper, you can run your business and stay connected no matter where you are.