Fearlessness is not the goal.

I remember years ago taking the StrengthsFinder assessment and learning that I had a real gift for future thinking. Combine that with my knack for being strategic, and I’d say these two strengths alone have been cornerstones in my success as an entrepreneur.

I can see where I want to go and I can figure out the strategy to get there, and I’m grateful for that gift.


Yet one of the pitfalls of all this future thinking is that I spend a lot of time living beyond here and now. My mind loves exploring things that have yet to happen. Whether it’s a new project I’m dreaming about launching, or a vacation I’m dying to book, my brain loves to escape to the future.

Which means I’m rarely satisfied with the here and now. I often fail to experience life happening right in front of my eyes. And despite my own (awesome) advice, I often don’t pause long enough to truly celebrate the little or big wins because I’m too caught up thinking about what comes next.

Envisioning what’s possible, creating a plan to get there, reaching my goal, and moving on. It’s inside this magical, yet vicious cycle, that I find fear lurking in the shadows.


I worry that if I pause for a moment to celebrate my wins, I’ll lose steam. I worry I’ll forget what comes next. I worry that I'll get lazy. I worry that I’ll alienate and lose clients. I worry that I’ll fail my TRIBE.

And you know what? That’s all fear. Fear manifesting in all its glorious ways.

“I can’t imagine you being afraid of anything!” I’ve heard fellow entrepreneurs say. And from the outside, behind the public persona of Hatch Tribe and the polished images of social media, I can understand how you might think that. But I’m anything but fearless.

Just like you, I worry about the future success of my business. Just like you, I get caught up thinking about the “what ifs” instead of taking action. Just like you, I’ve wasted entire days overthinking, stewing, and chewing on shit that hasn’t freaking happened.

But fearlessness is not the goal.

We’re never going to succeed in banishing fear by brushing it under the rug and pretending it’s not there. Fortunately for our species, fear is hardwired in our DNA. Otherwise we would have long been killed off by doing the dumb things fear protects us from, like going head to head with a sabertooth tiger or jumping into shark infested waters.


However, we can exercise the muscle and strengthen our resolve. We can learn to lean into fear, to see it for what it is, and to still choose to move past it. We can develop practical skills that support taking progressive leaps of faith in life and business, because it turns out the brain is trainable!

This is precisely why we’re devoting the entire month of April to fear inside the Hatch Tribe Members Circle. We’ll be joined by personal growth coach, Robyn Woodman, who will help you Break Through Your Fear and get back to living the good life.

You’ll learn how to uncover the ways fear is holding you back in your business. Whether it’s anxiety around making sales calls, asking for the business, saying no, or the countless other ways fear creeps in, we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn specific techniques for facing your fear that are practical, tried & true, and can be implemented immediately. And the best part: we’ll hold you accountable while you pursue those “stretch” goals, cheering you on every step of the way.

It’s time to move beyond the fear so you can get back to running your business like the boss!

Join us inside the Members Circle for exclusive content, training, events, and access to an incredible tribe of women entrepreneurs who will have your back on any fear-inducing day!

Hilary Johnson

Hilary Johnson