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Why Your Deals AREN’T Closing! And the ONE Thing You Can Do To Change That

“I know sales really well” she said. “I can usually predict what my clients are struggling with, and I recommend a solution right away. Yet, they’re not closing. And the worst part is when I follow up with them in a month or so they ended up going with someone else, and for more money! I just don’t understand it!” Stephanie’s situation is not unique…

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Hatch Tribe Hero(es) | The Peaceful Truth

What happens when a yogi and a journalist who are both inspiring female entrepreneurs combine forces? Today we're breaking the mold of our Hatch Tribe Hero interview series to feature both hosts of The Peaceful Truth! Meghan Hohertz is the yogi and Kenzie Meek-Beck is the journalist. Together, they are the two Texas entrepreneurs living in Seattle and playing double-duty as...

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