Entrepreneurship: Not For the Faint of Heart

Hilary Johnson - Hatch Tribe

Many years ago when I started my first business, I felt lost. I had left a corporate job in Chicago and moved to Charleston to follow my dream of opening an event production company. I was starting all over: new city, new friends, new connections…new everything.

Like most entrepreneurs, my first year in business was exciting! I had taken the big leap and was thrilled to finally be following my dreams.

And it was also brutally hard. I was learning to run a company with no real experience. I second guessed myself constantly. I didn’t know right from wrong, and I made lots and lots of mistakes. And to boot, the company wasn’t profitable the first year.

To say my stress level was high is an understatement. And I really didn’t know where to turn. I tried to talk to my closest friends, parents, and former corporate colleagues, and no one really got it. They did their best to encourage me by saying things like, “Stick it out! Work hard! You’ll figure it out!”

I wanted to believe them, but the voices of fear and failure were so loud inside my head. And how would they know anyway? They weren’t entrepreneurs. They’d never walked in these shoes.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized what was missing... COMMUNITY!

I had been struggling through it on my own. I was hustling so hard for this dream, and feeling completely alone and isolated. I didn’t know other entrepreneurs. I didn’t know who to go to for solid business advice. I didn’t know other women who’d walked in my shoes.

So I decided to build it. I imagined if I was having this experience, I couldn’t be the only one. It turns out, I’m not.

What I know to be true is that our stories are more alike than they are different. As entrepreneurs, we have all have had to learn, grow, and push ourselves beyond our self-perceived limits. We’re warriors.

And we’re better together. True community is an absolute game changer that shifts you from being “on your own” to being “part of a tribe”!

Hatch Tribe is devoted to cultivating and connecting women entrepreneurs, just like you, and I couldn't be happier that you're here. Together we are creating a better world for women today, and for generations to come.

Today I invite you to join me inside the Hatch Tribe Members Circle, our exclusive community where we help you build that wildly successful business of YOUR dreams.

Hilary Johnson - Business Coach


Hilary Johnson is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs develop powerful, profitable and sustainable businesses. As a serial entrepreneur and business coach herself, she recognized the need firsthand for true community, support, and education. This led her to create Hatch Tribe, an organization devoted to cultivating and connecting women entrepreneurs across the world. She is the host of the “Art of Doing Podcast” and author of "A Girls Guide to Surviving the Startup with Your Mind, Body, and Soul Intact", an encouraging read that imparts road-tested wisdom for tackling the inner and outer work of being the boss. When she’s not working you’ll find her traveling the world with a single carry-on bag. Her favorite quote & mantra is “Live Loud. Eat Well. Travel Often”.