Choosing to See Beauty—A Self-Care Practice for Female Entrepreneurs

Growing up, I loved to slide away from daily happenings and climb a huge magnolia tree in our vast, small-town backyard. It hovered over our garage and was a direct view to the entryway of our driveway. I was shielded by the shiny, big green leaves and large white, heady smelling bulbs. I would stare at all the activity spinning around below me. There were four of us kids and lots of friends considered our home theirs, too. I would also go hide behind a big row of pine trees way back in our backyard and think or lie down and stare at the clouds. There was a shaded, rolling daffodil field in our neighbor’s yard I would venture over to and dream in. I could hear my mom or siblings call my name, but I would stay quiet and pretend they weren’t. I would wait several minutes before sliding back down the massive tree or from behind my fields of daffodils or pine trees.


I found out as an adult no one knew I went to these places. I cleverly disguised these visits. I never realized it was my form of self care. My reset button. My haven. I felt it, I just didn’t know what it was.

While I can’t take off to climb a tree or sit in daffodil fields every day, I can still choose to see the beauty in every moment. I can choose to notice these moments of beauty that can pass me by, if I let them. When we aren’t aware of these moments we are meant to see, feel and be a part of, we are giving away our true reason for living. We are giving away our energy to something not quite real.

We are giving away our true self care.

There are not enough self care options to overgrow this one ability. We must reprogram our senses, thinking, and our hearts. We must always take care of ourselves. Not just the moments we drink a lovely tea or have a fabulous massage. We must take care of ourselves every moment. We must see every moment as our opportunity for self care. We must know that what we consider self care is our choice.

Beauty touches all senses.

The ability to change my perspective and choose to admire all the beauty that is beside and in front of me every moment of my life is my best self care ritual, especially as an entrepreneur. There are places I love that bring such great peace. I cannot visit them daily or even weekly, and I apply this feeling to most of every day. I am not perfect; Not all days am I able to allow beauty to out-balance busyness, but I observe life and choose to see the beauty of it as much as possible.


Life is a dream we get to live in. We can all do this. It is not a certain type of person that is allowed this ability to see beauty, it is a choice.

Choice, choice, choice :)

There is so much to observe every moment. Every moment is our meditation, our gift. Our eyes can be wide open. We can be walking. We can be interacting. We don’t have to take time out of our life and try to create this thing called “balance” in regards to living life and giving ourselves self care, because we will never be able to “outbalance” life. Every moment is our chance to balance. Every moment is our opportunity to see beauty. Every moment is our meditation. Every moment is our own choice and our own creation and our own self care. We just have to choose it.

Nothing slows down our moments like seeing beauty and recognizing it. Nothing gives greater appreciation and energy to continue like choosing to see it. And when you see it and feel it, there is no greater strength and care you can give yourself.

About the author: Lauren Levine


Lauren Levine, creator of Studio27, has studied body movement and dance from the time she was walking. After studying at Broadway Dance Center on a full scholarship and being mentored by the legendary Frank Hatchett, she became a Radio City Rockette and performed in various television and stage shows throughout New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. As her passion and love for movement deepened, and her professional dance career intensified, so did her realization of keeping her body physically balanced and healthy. Having taught dance classes for years, she began to study the art of fitness. In Los Angeles, Lauren was one of the earliest Barre Instructors at the very first two Bar Method LA studios. She also worked as a personal trainer and more recently was a Barre Instructor at Barre Evolution in Charleston, SC. Pilates has been the link to pull her experience in body movement together. Lauren is certified in McEntire Pilates and completed oneBody Pilates Teacher Training under owner Nicky Taylor Steward and many more. Lauren is a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist through Dr. Sarah Duvall of Core Exercise Solutions and a Pilates Method Alliance Member. She has experienced every aspect of fitness, learning from the dance and fitness greats themselves. She has taken all she has learned along the way and is working to bring that passion and knowledge to others. Studio27 Method class is a movement in progress and forever evolving.

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