Hatch Tribe Hero | Brooks Reitz

“Frankly, I know nothing about other industries because this is all I’ve ever done,” Brooks Reitz once told me, smiling. He’s a successful food and bev businessman with multiple, wildly-successful companies—and he is almost always smilies.

Brooks Reitz owns two iconic bar/restaurants in Charleston, SC. Leon’s Oyster Shop is a destination in itself just for the froze and fried chicken, and right next door, the burger at his Little Jack’s Tavern was named the best in the nation by Bon Appetit Magazine. His “side project” is a cocktail mixer company that Olivia Wilde once gave a shout-out to.


Reitz is a powerful businessman. He is also a family man and a truly good guy.

“We have to do our best to be as good and kind and responsible human beings as we can, and do what we can in our own industry,” he said.

We usually highlight a female entrepreneur or #ladyboss as our Hatch Tribe Hero—this month we’re doing something a little different and we are thrilled to feature Reitz as our Hero of the month!

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?

The freedom of schedule - there is no “work day,” which can be extremely liberating one day and entirely debilitating the next!


What keeps you up at night?

Nothing. I give my projects my all and I try not to fret about what could go wrong.

photo of Leon's by annacmathais

photo of Leon's by annacmathais

What ignited the spark in you to start your business(es)?

Working for other people and believing that I could do the same thing, only better. In some cases I was right, and in others, I’m still struggling...

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve received advice throughout the years from a number of important friends and mentors; at different times advice has felt particularly useful, and other times, maybe not so much. The best advice I’ve been given in recent years is to challenge people to be the best they can be, and hold them to a higher standard than they might believe they are capable of. I found that when I do, people will surprise you by what they can achieve.

In one word characterize your life as an entrepreneur. #TallOrder



What sacrifices have you made to be a successful entrepreneur?

Working in an industry in the public eye ... I sacrificed a bit of privacy over the years.

Where do you find inspiration?


How do you handle fear?

By being strategic, patient, and thoughtful about how to handle that fear.

Name one other entrepreneur past or present you admire, and tell us why.

I admire Mark Cuban’s intelligence, thoughtfulness, candor, and his diversity of business interests. And his charisma and eccentricity are admirable.

When you’re not working, what is your favorite way to spend your free time?

Exercise, travel, cooking, reading or listening to music in my favorite chair. All in the company of my friends, wife, or son.


About Brooks Reitz


Brooks Reitz is a Charleston-based entrepreneur, whose projects include Leon’s Oyster Shop, Little Jack’s Tavern and Jack Rudy Cocktail Company. He is also a co-founder of Neighbourhood, a hospitality design and concept development firm.


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