Let's Hear It From the Tribe / Customer Feedback Edition


Every entrepreneur knows that running her own business can be hard. Yet having a tribe of like-minded, kick ass girls bosses to lean on is essential for learning and growth, keeping us sane, motivated, and connected, among many other things. This month I reached out to my tribe to learn how several entrepreneurs are using customer feedback as a tool for evolving and growing their businesses.


Q:  How do you get feedback from your customers and clients about your work? What is one thing you’ve learned, changed or implemented as a result of client feedback?  



Katie Ashley



A: “I've sent surveys and asked for testimonials, but the best thing I've ever done has been asking my former clients to meet me for a coffee date (in person or via Skype.) We talk about their life and experience before/during/after our work together and about a few ideas I have for my business - which I ask for their feedback/input on. It's been HUGELY helpful! It doesn't result in a ton of written testimonials, but it's invaluable feedback and has transformed my business.”




Stephanie Burg

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


A: “So, anytime a client says something they adore about our work together, or share a positive result. I will either a) ask if they would mind sharing that specific thing in a 1-3 sentence testimonial for my website (they usually will write a longer one :) ) or if it's written in say an email, b) I'll pull it directly from the email and ask if they mind if I share it on my website. I've never had a no yet! Typically, I work with clients over the course of several months and make a practice of asking them what's going really well within our work for them so that they are constantly engaged in their results (and celebrating themselves!). If a client is especially excited, I'll make sure to document their feedback via the above format while we are still working together vs. after we complete as it's more top of mind for them when we're seeing each other regularly. I also like to survey my peeps a lot, for online groups-- before they start a program and after they complete (helps them get clear upon what they want out of our work together and provides excellent market research for future "ideal clients)."




Mindy Johnson Saintsing

Ergo and Eco


“Yes, as a product based business, we often engage with customers after their purchase … e.g. “How is it working for you?” - “Did you have any other questions about using the product?” and “What has your experience been?". People respond with appreciation and are pleased with our follow-up, which leads to further engagement and often a nice review. The main thing we’ve learned is that people love to get a real person on the phone and are amazed when we reach out to them by personal email or a phone call."




Chelsea Slifer

FYI Yoga


“I interview my clients and voice record the session. I like to implement the parts of my class that my clients enjoy in each session. I find what they like and respond to do more of that!”




Lynn Cobb

Lynn Cobb Photography


“Biggest lesson: Listen to the client wishes before starting the photoshoot. I actually sell my photos with “in person sales” so much of my client feedback is straight from them and what they order/how much they order.”  



We’d love to hear from you! How do you obtain and leverage customer feedback in your business?