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I Don’t Know is Not an Answer

While it may not be an answer, it is safe and comfortable ... and 100% steeped in fear.

It allows us to throw up our hands, remain exactly where we are and say, “Well! Since I don’t know what to do, I’m going to sit here and do nothing.” And not fail. It’s the fear of failing, or going in the wrong direction, or, or, or….

Raise your hand if this hits you in the guts with familiarity...

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5 Ways Corporate Intrapreneurs Can Grow Through Startup Engagement

I worked in corporations for 15 years before realizing I was ready to start my own business. Building something on my own was never a career goal of mine, but the demands of my last corporate role as the Global Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at The Coca-Cola Company opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and gave me new-found confidence that I could succeed...

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