Why I Believe Wholeheartedly in Saying YES and the Power of Abundance


When someone asks me to describe my job I usually pass them a drink, ask them how long they have, and say take a seat. Because I am freaking blessed to do EXACTLY what I love and what lights me up and Lord knows I love to talk!  

I have taught yoga and movement and been a business owner for over a decade. Back when I co-founded Charleston Power Yoga and introduced the city to that sweaty sweat life, boutique fitness was not a thing and the stretch of Upper King street where we got our lease was not an area you walked alone or at night. They said no, not gonna work.

I said yes anyway!

My model is a little different and that’s why I think it works. No. That IS why it works.  

I’m going to say something here that might be unpopular: I am a yes man.  


“Let’s get down and dirty and actually live this game were selling.”

I know there is so much out there about “saying no" and “getting out of the hustle." I’ll be frank with you, too: I have built my business and my brand on not only sweat, but sweat equity. It ain’t always easy and it is a hustle.

Sleeves up. Tights on. Pony high. Let’s get down and dirty and actually live this game were selling. Now, stay with me if you're like, “...chica, I sit at a desk and are we talking tights with feet or workout tights and I'm tired and run-down and no, I don't do high ponies!” We are talking the spandex variety and ones that usually are well worn in and sweaty.  But we are also talking about going ALL IN.

Immersing yourself in what you do—not to feel overwhelmed and running on E, but to feel the energetic flow 'on and off the mat'—that is what I mean. I practice what I preach.

Here’s what it looks like and why it’s a business/life model I will stand behind: if I say 'yes' to two new clients. Then I also say yes to two more hours of child care. I need and love the work, and my sitter who also needs the work gets the work. I am not scared to ask for help. I say YES YES YES to help. It makes me a better mother- wife- teacher- and human.

Here’s the thing. I’m a mom. I have 3 kids 4 and under. I’m a wife. I have a full workload of private clients and a public teaching schedule. I feed off vibrant, expansive energy. I say yes to things that light me up energetically and help to grow my brand. If I feel the nature of the work is depleting then I will say no. That is not the nature of abundance and I will not operate or work from fear. I am huge believer in staying in your own lane. That is not why I do this work, to compete with anyone. I do this work because I am committed to my clients’ breakthroughs, whether that looks like fitness post babies or sobriety post divorce. I feed off of it. I want to get down and dirty and I want to see your commitments to yourself grow. In that space of being fully committed myself I in turn get fed.

I have over-taught before for a paycheck and that did not serve me.  I have also tried to only teach privates for more bang for my buck. I was bored. I have trial and errored this game 100% different ways and for me.

In the end, saying yes, being open to the flow, and truly truly operating from a high vibration from the belief in abundance has not only financially been beneficial for my family and my team (pay your people as you want to be paid...that’s a whole other blog!), but also for my mind and heart.

Now, years after I started saying yes, my yes has grown into nationwide teaching from tiny beachside towns in Mexico to high-end art galleries and shops; a brand spanking new studio about to launch in downtown Charleston; thousands of connections with clients and strangers who’ve become friends. More life changes than anyone can count. And all the business benefit that comes with these things: the ability to take my “work” wherever my tennies can run, the financial freedom to take time at home with my kids and vacations with my girls, and the courage to open a brand new studio and launch my own brand. All of this is built on a yes.

Do what you love.

Don't apologize for being BIG game.  

Love your people—those who are paying and those you are paying. Love the ones in your home. Say your sorry when you fuck up…’cause you will.  And SAY YES!

About Sarah Frick E,RYT

photography: Pale GIrl Photo, Charleston SC

photography: Pale GIrl Photo, Charleston SC

Sarah Frick is an E-RYT (that E stands for experienced, which mean she’s put in her study hours and her sweat equity), and co-founder of Charleston Power Yoga and owner of The Works: A Sweat Studio by Sarah Frick. She is also a mother to three children and the de-facto yoga mother of thousands of students nationwide. When not sweating with her students, she’s hitting the beach with her family, drinking a good tequila with friends, or, quite honestly, wrangling the insanity at home—and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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