Without This Skill, You Won't Succeed

Sales Skills

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement from fellow entrepreneurs.

“I’m just not good at sales!”

And sure, you might not be (yet), but the longer you identify with this statement the more you become a victim of your own B.S. Whatever you tell yourself over and over becomes a reality, and this is one I want you to nip in the bud immediately because...

Sales is a skill.

The best sales people aren’t naturally born that way. They’ve worked at it. Even Grant Cardone, one of the leading sales experts in the world said, “I am the most unnatural sales person you would ever meet and hated sales the first eight years I was in it.”

But what Grant realized, like so many other successful entrepreneurs, is that becoming great at sales requires both a mindset shift and a behavior shift.

Sales is mission critical to your success as a business.

Jeff Haden interviewed 20 CEO’s and business owners for Inc. Magazine to ask them to name the one skill they feel contributes the most to their success.

“What did every one of them say? Sales skills. They all felt success is almost impossible--in any field--without solid sales skills.”

Remember that nothing happens in your business until something is sold. Your customers & clients are the lifeblood of your business. They create the revenue which in turns creates the profit that keeps your business thriving and healthy over the long-haul.

Sales can be learned.

Sales skills can be learned.

If you weren’t born a natural salesperson, congratulations! Most people aren’t. Sales strategist, speaker, and author, Jill Konrath says...

“Being good at sales is a choice. The reality of it is that we, as individuals, are key components of our success. That’s why it really bothers me when I hear people making excuses or saying that they’re just not a “born salesman”. I’m not either. I never even wanted to be in sales. I didn’t have any natural talent. Nor did I have a charming personality or the gift of gab. Yet I chose to learn how to sell because I saw it as the vehicle to achieving another goal of mine. I repeat, I chose to learn how to sell. You can too. It’s actually a choice.”

You’ll get told “no” a lot.

And guess what? It won’t kill you! What may initially feel like rejection is really more about selection. And while you’re out there getting told no, you’re getting one step closer to a yes.

“The top salesperson in the organization probably missed more sales than 90% of the sales people on the team, but they also made more calls than the others made,”  says Zig Ziglar.

So I ask you this...

Are you listening to that B.S. inside of your head that says “I suck at sales.”? Or are you choosing to become better at sales?

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