Putting Passion Into Every Project

Haven’t we all been told that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life?

As a young creative, I have found that doing what you love is much more complex and challenging than it seems, it is in fact, work. When I initially launched Ryker Restorations, I had just one goal in mind: to create inspirational art and furniture for the people of Charleston. Little did I realize I would not only be working with wood, I would be building a website, managing social media accounts while consistantly maintaining relationships with customers and like-minded women entrepreneurs. Suddenly I was asking myself, “how do I do what I love without calling it work”?    

Ryker Restorations design 

Ryker Restorations design 

One word, passion.

Have you ever woke up in the morning and decided you wanted to look your best, just because? You found your nicest pair of jeans and put on that cute new shirt you’ve been waiting to wear for weeks. You suddenly had high endless energy, confidence and felt like you could tackle any task that came your way. That is passion.


My expertise as an entrepreneur would be to put passion into everything you do from your website to your physical product. Loving what you do is one thing, but being passionate about your job is continuously fulfilling and the key to your overall happiness and success. I have found that the more passion I put into the small things, the more people I have been able to meet, collaborate and work for.

Be passionate about your social media accounts. While it may be simple to take a photo and post it on Instagram, putting passion into the process can be a fun and creative way to not only connect, but to inspire others to build and create themselves. Passion is contagious and will allow you to connect and collaborate with amazing local designers and artists. Share what you love to do, it is empowering, rewarding and one of the main reasons you chose to be an entrepreneur after all.

Be passionate about your clients. Respect their opinions, styles and needs. Go out of your way to build relationships with each and every client. People want to feel connected especially when it involves someone who is passionate about their work!

Be passionate about your website, it is a endless platform to display “what you love”.

Be passionate about your goals. Your goals are what got you here in the first place! I found that setting goals that are both easily attainable and far stretch are equally rewarding. Goals allow us to stay on track to get to the next step, but keep our eyes on the future.

Most importantly, be passionate about your personal life. As entrepreneurs we are our business but we cannot let our business become who we are. We all need a healthy balance between work and play. Charleston is a beautiful city, do not forget to enjoy it!

Ryker Restorations design

Ryker Restorations design

About Chelsea Goldrick:

Chelsea is a full-time woodworker and mom to Ryker Lily. With a love for modern design, Chelsea launched Ryker Restorations hoping to bring bright and inspiring furniture to the Charleston area. While her company continues to grow, Chelsea is excited pursue her passion while she is able to connect with others.

Connect with Chelsea and Ryker Restorations:


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