Social Media Content: Extending the Shelf Life

Content is the foundation of today’s marketing, and no matter the size of your business, it’s a crucial tactic to implement. While content marketing can seem overwhelming and time intensive, here are some tricks to maximize your content’s reach, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.

#1: Focus your content on quality over quantity!

Recent algorithm updates to both Facebook and Instagram are forcing marketers to focus on providing value to their followers, instead of posting content just to post content. This is actually a really good thing because as a business, you’re required to post less frequently, allowing the content you do create to be of higher quality. In other words, the same amount of time on BETTER content! Win / win!


#2: Create video content!

Our favorite type of content is video because not only have social networks signaled that video content is preferred, but it’s the best way to put your business in front of people visually. You as the business owner are likely THE best resource of information about your industry, but if you’re not or if you want to highlight your team, get a subject matter expert on camera and let them start talking.

If you have sweaty palms just thinking about getting on camera, don’t worry! Today’s video trends are all about authentic and real content … so no need to be perfect. The “UMs” and the pauses will dissipate as you continue to practice, and your audience will likely appreciate your genuine approach. Live video has become the super effective norm, so get your subject matter expert in front of the camera and take them LIVE!

As an example, watch our Digital Marketing Consultant, Audrey Coates, here in this Facebook live going over some tips on reputation management and the new Instagram scheduling capabilities.

#3: Repurpose your content.


While you always want your content to be relevant and of interest to your followers, it’s totally OK for you to repurpose and reuse content. How? You’re truly only limited by your imagination, but see how we took the above Facebook Live and repurposed it:

We use Instagram Story Highlights to save content we don’t want on our photo-feed but is still of value to our followers. Among other content types, we take 10 second snippets of our Facebook Lives and categorize them into either TMC Tips or Industry News.

We also uploaded an edited down version of our Facebook LIVE to our YouTube account, helping our channel grow and also to help our search rankings (Yes, Google owns YouTube and is a massive help for SEO)

You can also find the YouTube video pinned on our Pinterest page, allowing users on the platform to find our content and discover it there.

Other ways you can repurpose content:

  • Write a blog post and feature the video, along with a written recap

  • Take the topic and turn it into a SlideShare presentation

  • Use data from your topic and create an Infographic

  • Create graphics on your topic and share via Instagram or via Twitter Cards

  • And of course … share the links to all of your social media channels

#4: Tailor your content to the network.

We know how tempting it can be to autopilot your social media posting and post the same thing across the board. Just don’t. Each network has its own users, its own way of sharing information, and its own tactics. Take one piece of content (or one concept) and share it in each network organically. Take the time to do it right, and you will reap the benefits.

Ashley Caldwell

Ashley Caldwell

Repurposing content is truly a good marketer’s secret to a successful social media presence. Extending the shelf of your content  will help both with your content team’s efficiency and also your follower’s likelihood to see and absorb the value you’re offering them.

Have you tried this tactic? What’s your favorite way to repurpose content? Has LIVE video made it into your marketing calendar yet?


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