The theme for November is...


Hello, beautiful.

If there's one thing I hear from entrepreneurs over and over again, it's that you want a solid relationship with your finances.

  • You want to know you have money in the bank.
  • You want consistent income.
  • You want to charge your worth.
  • You want to have your bills and invoices under control.
  • You want to be able to read a P&L like a boss.

Simply put, you want to feel empowered by your finances.

And yet money is one of these topics that can be challenging to talk about openly. Many of us learned from a young age that discussing money was off limits. Right there alongside politics, religion, mental health, and your sex life, money was not to be discussed at large.  

It’s no wonder many of us have grown up with a few hang-ups about money, which can lead us to question our financial prowess.

So this month we’re pledging to go deep into the topic of money and finance for entrepreneurs. We want you to give you the practical advice, tips, and tools to develop a bada$$ relationship with your finances. 

Check out the resources that we’ll be rolling out this month, everything from our Book Club Read, to live & virtual events, and more!

Wishing you an incredible month ahead! Let’s make these last 2 months of 2017 count.


Hilary Johnson
Entrepreneur Empowerer & Strategic Business Coach