Meet the Tribe - Tami Boyce

Each week we bring you the story of one incredible entrepreneur who can be found inside the Hatch Tribe Members Circle. Today we're excited to introduce you to Tami Boyce, the artist and entrepreneur behind Tami Boyce Design.

Tami Boyce

Tami Boyce

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl? 

Can I be an afternoon narwhal??? That's really my most productive and creative time of day. But if I had to choose between early bird or night owl, I'd be an early bird. I rarely "burn the midnight oil" anymore. I feel like it's important to shut off work in the late evening and give my brain a chance to quiet down before I go to sleep.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Feed my dog. My dog LOVES food and wakes up so excited for breakfast. I like to watch her energy and remember that we should all greet the day with that much enthusiasm.

What are you reading now?

You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money.

What's your favorite podcast or YouTube channel?

I love "Armchair Expert," Dax Sheppard's new podcast. It's just him having conversations with other celebrities, but he's so genuine and funny. I really enjoy it.

Favorite place to getaway from it all?

Italy!! Unfortunately it's pretty far away, but I love travel and it's the one time I really shut off my business side of the brain and relax.

If you could get an extra hour today, how would you use it?

Sketching for my own personal projects. It's hard to balance time for client work and personal work, but making time for my passion projects is how I prevent burnout and keep my creative juices flowing.

Do you consider yourself more of an Introvert or extrovert?

I'm a closet introvert. I love people, but after a very socially heavy day I need some good alone time to recharge. Realizing this and admitting it has been a huge help in my happiness. I used to be such an extrovert, so the change kind of came on without me realizing it at first.

What's your favorite food?

Anything in the form of a burrito!

I'm on a mission to...

Put more joy out in the world and more smiles on faces! My art is light-hearted and my goal is to use it as a platform to put more positivity out into the world.


Tami Boyce Designs

Tami Boyce Designs

How did your awesome business come to be?

I think my business is a combination of luck and dedication. I first branched out as a freelancer way earlier in my career than I ever would have anticipated. A lucrative, regular client fell into my lap and I decided to go for it. My business has changed so much since then, but I still feel really lucky that all the stars aligned to allow me to take that first leap out on my own.

Who inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

No one person, really. I never really even dreamed of this life for myself. I was working as a graphic designer for a beautiful publication, but making absolutely no money. When I branched out on my own, I just kept thinking, "I'll try this until it doesn't work." It's been about a decade now, and I consider myself so lucky that it's still working!

How do you define success for yourself?

My idea of success is making the money that allows me to do what I want to do while also maintaining the integrity of my art. I'm sure I could learn to paint sunsets and Rainbow Row and make a crap ton of money, but my heart wouldn't be happy. I think success comes being able to make a living while staying true to what you love. And what I love is drawing weird stuff...

We all love failure & flop stories! Tell us about something you tried in business that didn't work, and how you moved beyond it.

This year I lost one of my biggest clients which was previously responsible for a third of my income. When something like that happens, it's hard to not freak out and think everything else is going to crumble as well. For one of the first times in my life, I put my big girl pants on and didn't let that significant setback send me into a spiral of negative thinking. I decided to view the loss in work as an opportunity with more available hours in my schedule. I used it as a chance to really hone in on work that's more inline with my vision of what I love and want to pursue. It has already been way better for my soul, and eventually I think it will be better for my bank account too.

Tami Boyce Designs

Tami Boyce Designs

What is a recent success that you're super proud of accomplishing?

I was the artist for the 2018 Piccolo Spoleto festival poster. That's always been a bucket list career item, so I was elated when they approached me about it.

What is your superpower?

Perseverance. But damn, I really wish it was teleportation!

Perseverance has allowed me to gain confidence and really believe that my creative voice has a place in the art world. Through everyone's entrepreneur journey you face a lot of set backs or a lot of people "not fully getting" what it is you're working towards. The important thing is to trust your gut, stay at it, and keep working towards what your heart is telling you to do.

What is the least sexy part of your job?

Unloading the car for vending events in the summer.

What do you hope to learn from your community of peers in the Hatch Tribe Members Circle?

This community fascinates me because we all are doing such crazy different things in work and life, but as entrepreneurs, we all share common hardships and stresses. I love that Hatch Tribe has created a community of like-minded women available to me that I've never had before. A lot of times, it's a sense of emotional support - "Oh, I'm not crazy??? Everyone feels like this???" And other times, it's a great source of ideas and tips since everyone has a different wheelhouse to pull from. I use Member's Circle as a way to ask questions and get recommendations from people that know way more than I do on various topics. I hope that, in return, I'm that helpful person for other people.

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