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Investing in Each Other | Southeastern Roastery

Since February 2016, Hatch Tribe has pledged to invest a portion of all profits into other women-owned businesses. Now, we’re excited to share the story of one of those businesses with you! Check out the story of Candy Schibli and her KIVA-funded company, Southeastern Roastery, including what she’s learned in the process of funding her business.

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Monthly Crushlist - 5 things we're obsessed with this month

Here is our September Crushlist—five inspiring people, movements or profiles that have stuck with us. This month we bring you the fasionista-activist behind Tehran Streetstyle, a podcast that translates Japanese traditions for modern women’s lives, movements to diversify photojournalism and more. We hope they stick with you too!

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46 Successful Female Entrepreneurs You Ought to Know

This list of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs we can compile is incomplete. It is also ever-growing. And we like it that way! It is an amazing thing to look around and see so many rockstar women in business. It is our ongoing mission to highlight these lady bosses and share the spark of their inspiration.

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