Meet the Tribe - Holly Fisher

Each week we bring you the story of one incredible entrepreneur who can be found inside the Hatch Tribe Members Circle. Today we're excited to introduce you to Holly Fisher of Fisher Creative, LLC. 

Holly Fisher

Holly Fisher

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl? Early bird! I’m up at 5 a.m. during the week

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Feed the dog then hit the CrossFit gym in our garage.

What are you reading now?

I’m working through a yearlong reading plan for The Bible. Also, I’m reading “How to Write Copy that Sells” by Ray Edwards and “Beach House Reunion” by Mary Alice Monroe

What's your favorite podcast or YouTube channel? My favorite podcast right now is Building a StoryBrand. There is a Building a StoryBrand book, too! 

Favorite place to get away from it all? Asheville … specifically the Grove Park Inn

If you could get an extra hour today, how would you use it? Doing something fun with my family.

Do you consider yourself more of an Introvert or extrovert? Introvert – give me some alone time, please!

What's your favorite food? That’s tough, but pretty sure I could live on hummus and pita chips.

I'm on a mission to... Live out God’s purpose for my life


Fisher Creative

Fisher Creative

How did your awesome business come to be?

I started out as a newspaper reporter and expected to work as a journalist forever. But, when the economy crashed in 2008, I was laid off and facing an industry that was quickly downsizing. After doing freelance work and then working full time for another marketing firm, I decided to venture out on my own, so I could combine all the things I enjoy into one business.

How do you define success for yourself?

In a business sense, I want to have a positive impact on my employees, my colleagues and my peers. If I’m doing good work, keeping my commitments and fostering relationships, the business – and the financial success – will come. On the personal side, success is being committed to my husband of almost 18 years; being a good mom and positive example to my 10-year-old daughter; and growing in my walk with God.


We all love failure & flop stories! Tell us about something you tried in business that didn't work, and how you moved beyond it.

Last year I invested in a media database I hoped would streamline some of our processes and allow us to be more effective for our PR clients. It wasn’t cheap and, unfortunately, turned out to be a flop. I was annoyed, but decided it was a lesson learned and I would simply forget I spent that money!

What is a recent success that you're super proud of accomplishing?

Over the last year, I took the plunge to really grow my business. I hired three part-time employees and in February, I earned my StoryBrand Guide certification to give new and existing clients tools to create a clear marketing message and grow their business. My company has grown tremendously and I’m excited about what’s in store for the next year.

What is your superpower?

Making our clients feel as if they are the only client we have. I really strive to develop relationships with our clients, so they see us as part of their team, working alongside them to achieve their marketing goals.

What is the least sexy part of your job?

Monthly reports for clients. There are some others, but I’ve managed to successfully delegate those! #businesswin.

What do you hope to learn from your community peers in the Hatch Tribe Members Circle?

I love learning from other women business owners about how they juggle the ins and outs of business. My company has really grown over the last year, so I felt the need to surround myself with women in similar situations. I’m eager to learn how best to manage the growth without getting overwhelmed or making poor decisions.


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