Get Noticed by Your Ideal Clients:  Two Elements To Consider When Writing Your Homepage Content

Your people are looking for you, but they need to recognize you when they see you. So often entrepreneurs struggle to be seen amongst a sea of competition even though their clients are looking right at them.  

How does one get their ideal clients’ attention?


Make them understand what you do, while making them feel understood.  

In short, clarity and connection are the name of the game.  

So what does that look like?  So glad you asked…

It starts with the opening sentence on your homepage.  I see so many websites where it’s difficult to understand exactly what is being offered until you get to the About or Services’ page.  

Don’t make your clients hunt for the most critical piece information on your website, ‘cause more often than not, they will not do it.  People be busy.  

Use the formula below to create an opening sentence that calls off the search party.  

Part 1 CLARITY -  Opening Sentence Formula:  What You Do + Who You Serve (hint: this is also great to use anywhere you need a brand bio like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…)

Part 2 CONNECTION - The part that gets overlooked the most:  use real, clear examples of what your ideal client is currently looking for you to solve.

So often we speak to our clients in industry jargon.  Meaning we use words that our competition uses because it’s what’s we all know AS THE PROFESSIONALS

Kelli Preston | photo by Green Chair Studio

Kelli Preston | photo by Green Chair Studio

There are three reasons this is a problem:  

1. Your clients are not a professional in your industry, otherwise they wouldn’t be looking to hire you, so speak to them in language they understand.

2. It makes you sound like everybody else, so they miss what sets you apart.  

3. Your words aren’t landing.  Words like “authentic” and “dream” are big concepts that have lost their emotional impact due to overuse.  Break down what your clients are struggling with in real life, day-to-day examples.

To show what this looks like in action:

Let’s say you’re a health coach who specializes in helping women get off the diet dujour train and into a place of wellness that’s successful and sustainable.  So your opening sentence would look something like:  

Here at Back to Basics we offer health coaching services to women tired of counting calories, carbs, and containers to achieve pants that button comfortably, a settled stomach, and a solid 8 hours of sleep.

People buy with emotions over logic, so really connecting with your client truly is the path of least resistance.  


Moral of the story... heart strings pull purse strings.

Here’s the thing, more often than not, we provide a service we wish would have been around when we were looking for such things.  It wasn’t, so we created it.  Soooo this means your ideal clients are the past version of yourself, which means you have a giant leg up in speaking their language. Talk to them like you wish somebody would have spoken to you and you have just created content that captivates.  Ta-da.

Wanna learn more about how to Write Right?  Download My Free Mini Course here.  It’s a course for those who hate to write, but love clients.  

Got questions, please reach out!

Helping you see what’s possible,



About Kelli Preston:

photo by Green Chair Studio

photo by Green Chair Studio

"Over 7 years ago I birthed my first business baby, skinspot, a mini-spa.   I have buckets of passion for skincare and wellness, but what really lights my fire is the heart + guts it takes to start and grow a business. I love uncovering what makes people tick and using it as fuel for creating a brand that feels like home through the language and design it conveys, so over 2 years ago I followed my passions and started a website design and copy writing business and, Christ on a bike, I am SO glad I listened to that niggle in my heart.  I know how intimidating and overwhelming the entrepreneurial world can be and I would hate to think that someone wasn't sharing their gift because of it, so I'm here to make it easier."

Connect with Kelli:

Instagram @hey.imkelli


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