A mastermind group for women entrepreneurs

You’ve built an awesome business, one that by all measures you are truly proud of. You’re tasting those moments of success. You’re seeing your vision become a reality and you’re realizing just how far you’ve come.

Yet you also know there’s something else. You didn’t just set out to make a good living - you set out to create something epic. Now you’re ready to pursue that next chapter of growth in your business.

Getting from where you are today to this next chapter will stretch you, no doubt, but you’re ready for the challenge.

with a crew of ride-or-die women entrepreneurs by your side, there’s no goal too far out of reach.


what is the ceo collective?

  • A small, intimate mastermind group for established women entrepreneurs with big dreams & goals

  • We meet every 2 weeks for 1.5 hours to engage in thoughtful conversation about our businesses & goals

  • Meetings are held virtually via video conference so you can participate from anywhere in the world, but we do offer a live option for participants in Charleston, SC.

  • The mastermind group is facilitated by Hilary Johnson, Hatch Tribe Founder & Entrepreneur Coach

  • All members are given the opportunity to share & request feedback and/or support during each meeting

  • Each participant will represent a different industry to eliminate concerns over directly competing with another business in the group

  • The group is carefully curated to deliver a wide variety of knowledge and skills, while delivering a great team dynamic!

The CEO Collective is your personal board of directors, your sounding board, and your source of endless support as you pursue your biggest goals!




  • To connect deeply with like-minded women entrepreneurs

  • To share your business opportunities and challenges

  • To give & receive thoughtful advice

  • To learn from one another’s experiences

  • To be held accountable for the goals you set

  • To gain a community of “coworkers” & friends you can trust

  • To celebrate the journey of entrepreneurship


  • You own your business

  • You are generating 6 to 7 figures in revenue

  • You operate your business full-time

  • Your business is at least 2 years old

  • You desire to grow your business

  • You will uphold the trust of the group by signing a non-disclosure & confidentiality agreement

CEO Collective - Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs

 your coach

Hatch Tribe - Hilary Johnson - Founder & CEO

Hilary Johnson is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs develop powerful, profitable and sustainable businesses. As a serial entrepreneur and business coach, she recognized firsthand the need for true community, support, and education for entrepreneurs. This led her to create Hatch Tribe, a global community devoted to cultivating and connecting women entrepreneurs.

She is the host of the “Art of Doing Podcast” and author of "A Girls Guide to Surviving the Startup with Your Mind, Body, and Soul Intact", an encouraging read that imparts road-tested wisdom for tackling the inner and outer work of being the boss.

When she’s not working you’ll find her traveling the world with a single carry-on bag. Her favorite quote & mantra is “Live Loud. Eat Well. Travel Often”.


But really, what is this mastermind thing?

The term mastermind was popularized by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich and The Laws of Success. He described it as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony." We think of it as a group of badass women entrepreneurs who want to help one another grow professionally and personally, but sharing their real-life business opportunities & challenges, and giving and receiving support. Expect this group to become your trusted inner circle for your business!


How many people are in the mastermind group?

This is an intimate mastermind by design! We will accept a maximum of 6 women business owners into each group.

Why is this mastermind paid vs. free?

Simply put, free groups fall short. In our experience a paid mastermind is met with greater accountability, commitment, and quality of engagement. If you're going to invest your time & energy into a mastermind group, make it count. When you and your fellow participants are invested financially, you'll take it seriously...as you should. It's your business after all.

Additionally you will receive coaching through the mastermind from business coach & strategist, Hilary Johnson.

Are the mastermind sessions recorded?

No. One of the single most important aspects of a mastermind is showing up & participating fully. If your current schedule conflicts with the time & dates outlined, we recommend that you don’t apply & instead join the waitlist when we may offer a different day/time. Of course, we expect a few dates may interfere with vacations, big business meetings, etc. but we provide the schedule in advance so you can reasonably plan to be in attendance at most meetings.


If I apply, am I guaranteed acceptance into the program?

Not necessarily, and here’s why! We make sure that every participant represents a different industry to eliminate any concerns over competition. We also take special care in bringing together individuals and businesses we think will have the best group dynamic. So if someone has signed up from your industry already or we don’t think you’re quite the right fit for this round, we’ll put you on our waitlist for the next group. Either way, we will be in communication and make sure we find the right fit for you.

Questions? Email us at hello@hatchtribe.com

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