A story of becoming a badass boss

In a nutshell, my childhood was traumatic.

I was raised by a single mom; my dad left when I was two years old. My mom married several physically and emotionally abusive men. My dad, knew the situation was happening and continued to be friends with one of them. I quickly learned that women had no value.


Though my mom was a badass in her own right, she struggled. As a single mom, raising two hellions was no easy feat. My mom finally rose out of that situation and got us out. But that led to more trauma, and way too much of a backstory for today. As I said, traumatic.

Fast forward: I moved out on my own at 18 years old and resolved to never move back home.

I am 36 years old now and, I am happy to say, married to the love of my life with 4 healthy children, 1 child in Heaven….and I never have moved back home.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first company at 10 years old, sewing scrunchies for my school friends—yes, scrunchies. You know the colored fabric had to match your outfit. My school principal shut me down, but he did day that he loved my spirit. I should send him a thank you note!

I went on to get my Bachelors and Masters, while raising my four babies, and owning/running several other companies. We were in survival mode to say the least.

I graduated with my Masters and was able to partner with someone my dad knew to start a construction company, to build “grow buildings.” Yes, buildings that grow weed, ganja, marijuana…whatever you may call it. I had never, and still haven’t, touched the plant, but I found myself eyeball-deep in learning how to grow this plant, and build excellent building for my clients.


I took the class and the tests to get the construction license under my name. I have never been more proud, than in the moment I passed the test. It was my first step into entering this men’s world, and I knew I would rock it. I had to.

I set dreams, goals and essentially married myself to the company, my business partner and his goals. He had grandiose ideas and always wanted everyone involved. He loved to dream big and drag you right along with him. I didn’t see it coming.

After a year-and-a-half and almost a million dollars of receipts, I found myself in a terrible situation. My business partner had taken the money and our company could not build the buildings or pay the contractors. He kept promising me it would be put back. He made all the excuses in the book, but after 5 months of empty promises and people hounding me personally for the money, I needed out.

I called a lawyer. I gathered all the documents to prove my innocence, and I got out.

After revelling in my shame—which I chose to take on myself—I woke up, realizing that I cannot control a grown man and will never be able to. I had taken the blame upon myself for not seeing it sooner or being able to change him. Even though this was not a marriage, in business it almost was. You have to trust your business partner like a spouse. You have to give your hopes and dreams over and assume they will protect and provide alongside you. This was not the case.

I fell apart for about a month, and then I realized: I can do this on my own. I started my company, Patronne Designs. I now run a successful construction company on my own. Projects are moving along, people are getting paid, and this company is based on integrity, honesty, and transparency.

I proudly advertise that this company is woman-owned. And I am stoked for my future. I have recently been approved for federal contracts, which is a huge feat! I work from home, set my own schedule, and love every minute. My children are witnessing my choice to rise about my circumstances and to not give up.

I rose from the ashes. I didn’t let my childhood hold me back. I didn’t let trauma in my personal life hold me back. I didn’t let business catastrophes hold me back. I chose to rise.

About Morgan

Morgan is the founder of the woman-run construction company Patronne Designs. Morgan is not just a general contractor, she has experience laying tile, flooring, painting,  trim work, building cabinets, laying roofing, and much more! Morgan is a hands-on owner and is ecstatic to work in this industry. In her personal time, Morgan loves coffee, flamingos, Jesus, her babies and her husband. She enjoys sand riding with her family on ATVs, hunting in southern Oregon, the beach, cooking, sewing and all things DIY.