Meet the Tribe - Macy Graham

Each week we bring you the story of one incredible entrepreneur who can be found inside the Hatch Tribe Members Circle. Today we're excited to introduce you to Macy Graham of Hungryoga. 


Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl? Night Owl

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Chug some water!

What are you reading now? The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

What's your favorite podcast or YouTube channel? Rock Your Bliss Podcast

Favorite place to getaway from it all? Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

If you could get an extra hour today, how would you use it? Massage

Do you consider yourself more of an Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert

What's your favorite food? Avocado Anything!

I'm on a mission to... Help women overcome emotional eating, find Movement they enjoy, and create a life they love!



How did your awesome business come to be?

In college I personally struggled with binge eating, hated my corporate job, and overexercised to try and cope with all stress. I finally hit a breaking point so I quit my job, went to a yoga teacher training immersion, became a Mind Body Eating Coach and Lifestyle Design Coach. Hungryoga was born as a fusion of all my certifications, as I found a strong connection between yoga and healing your relationship with food and body, and then life and career.

Who inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

My undergrad is Business Management and Leadership so I took a few Entrepreneurial classes in college. My Mom always supported us kids to do what we love, go invent something, or chase after your dreams. After my negative experience in corporate life it made it easy to know that’s not what I wanted. I think my biggest struggles and darkest times led me to my light and allows me to stay inspired to help others through those same struggles.

Have you ever had a mentor? And how did they help you?

I’ve had several mentors that really help me change my way of thinking. I’ve enjoyed learning more about yoga philosophy, psychology, manifestation, and reengineering your life into exactly what you desire.

How do you define success for yourself?

Success for me is freedom. Freedom of a flexible schedule. Freedom to work with only dream clients. Financial freedom. Freedom to do only work that I love. Success to me is focusing on the way you want to feel, and thinking and doing the things that are going to make you feel that way.

We all love failure & flop stories! Tell us about something you tried in business that didn't work, and how you moved beyond it.

Oh I’ve had plenty of yoga classes that no one showed up to. I’ve done Live trainings that only Trolls decided to comment on. I’ve rearranged my class schedule to try and fit people’s needs and negate my own. What’s beautiful about all of these is that I no longer teach classes that no one shows up to. I’m simply not available for it anymore. The next Live training I do I’m going to do more awareness and marketing beforehand so people actually know it’s going to happen. And now the class schedule is built around the best times that work for me, and the right people make it work for them. All failures disguised as blessings : )


What is a recent success that you're super proud of accomplishing?

I built my first online course the Beginner’s Yoga Online Course, and successfully enrolled 21 students in it. It’s now available on to purchase.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is coaching and teaching women the mind body connection to improve their relationship with food, body image, and lifestyle choices.

What is the least sexy part of your job?

People fart in yoga, all the time!

What What do you hope to learn from your fellow entrepreneurs in the Hatch Tribe Members Circle? 

I hope to learn how important accountability is in achieving your goals in business. The main reason why I joined Hatch Tribe was to feel a sense of community and to connect with like minded women entrepreneurs. I think we all have gifts to share, and that each month’s focus was made for us to learn and grow together.




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