These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (Contest!!!)

I have a confession.


I am full blown obsessed with office supplies.


Give me a cup of coffee, a fresh pack of Sharpie markers, and a ream of cardstock paper, and I’m in absolute heaven.


It’s as though the blank paper somehow represents the land of possibilities. I can create anything on that paper...A new business plan. A marketing campaign. A map for updating my website. A paragraph of particularly snazzy copy for my newsletter. A love note for my boyfriend for putting up with me working so hard.


Anything is possible with kickass tools in hand.


So this December I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things for the office and the badass girl running it. (PS. Be sure to keep reading to the end because you could win a package of all these things!)

December Giveaway 2.jpg

Simple Modern Water Bottle

Because running a business will make you thirsty and water is your friend!


Girls Think of Everything

For those moments when you need a reminder of the badasses who came before you!


Candlefish No. 95 Candle

From my hometown of Charleston, this candle is pure delight!


Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

You already know my obsession with pens!


12 Pack Designer File Folders

Perfect for every organizational queen!


Hey Girl Bedtime Tea

For when you know you need to go the F to sleep and just keep dreaming up new business ideas! #everydamnday


Elephant Paper Clips

Because regular paper clips are so passé!


48 Pack of Thank You Note Cards

It’s the special touch that separates you from your competition. Am I right?


Writing Notebook

A new notebook...the true land of opportunity.


Goal Digger Coffee Mug

A solid reminder of the badass you are!


Desktop Cell Phone & Tablet Stand

To keep all your tech life under control!


A Girls Guide to Surviving the Startup

I wrote this book for entrepreneurs just like you because sometimes it takes a little mind, body, and soul work to keep this ship afloat!


I love these goodies and they could be yours!


Each day, starting December 4th, we'll draw 1 winner for a single prize from the collection above. Then on December 15th, we'll draw 1 grand prize winner who will receive one of everything in the collection!


Feeling lucky? Enter for your chance to win!


Good luck, boss!


XO, Hilary



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