Celebrating Our Tribe!

Big Wins in 2018 from our tribe of Female Entrepreneurs

If there’s one thing we love here at Hatch Tribe it’s celebrating wins...and coffee. Often times they’re hard-fought, and sometimes we wish we’d learned our lessons more gracefully. But that is what this community is here for—supporting each other through sticky situations, elevating each other with knowledge and encouragement, and celebrating together when the big win comes.

2018 has been a huge year for our tribe

When we launched Members Circle earlier this year, we knew deep down that it would build an even more connected, supportive community. The year—and YOU—have come through. Together, we’ve seen this year grow our precious TRIBE into an even more powerful community of women entrepreneurs.

The female founders in Hatch Tribe are bosses in their own right, weathering the storms of entrepreneurship and coming through with life lessons and major successes. We believe that’s worth a celebration! So here we’ve collected just a few of the big lessons and major wins from our members over the past year.

Here’s to you, ladies! And here’s to a 2019 full of cultivating and connecting women entrepreneurs more than ever before.

Image from Jody

Image from Jody

Jody Vitali

Charleston Moms Blog

Facebook @charlestonmomsblog
Instagram @chsmomsblog

"As 2018 comes to a close, my win is surviving my first full year as a business owner! The further I get into business ownership, the more I realize that there are still so many things that I don’t know, which is why having a clear vision of the “why” behind your business is so important. For me, it’s knowing that Charleston Moms Blog is providing an invaluable resource to the moms in our community. Hatch Tribe has been a great way to connect with other business owners and share the struggles and triumphs of owning a business."

Image from Kristian, Jodi Harter/WonderLight Photography

Image from Kristian, Jodi Harter/WonderLight Photography

Kristian Thiem

Tidal Creek Designs

Instagram @TidalCreekDesigns

“When I set my 2018 goals, I had one theme: “stop talking/thinking about it and just go for it.” I was able to get the majority of my goals checked off before I went on maternity leave in May (which in itself was a goal), and was also able to get a website up with a portfolio and new logo. (Thank you Enid Brenize and Tami Boyce!!)

Something that helped keep me on track was being more involved in the Hatch Tribe platform, Members Circle, where I have made and found some AMAZING business connections and resources, and as a bonus made some new friends.

The theme continued and was further validated when my husband and I just got involved with a new church on Johns Island, where the motto is, “Love God, Love People, Live Boldly,” and later in the year, I started reading the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp; her main message is to live fully, something I hope to continue into 2019!”

Image from Macy, by Natasha Lee Studios

Image from Macy, by Natasha Lee Studios

Macy Graham

Hungry Yoga

Facebook @HungryYoga

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to find the balance between consuming information / tools / insights and creating what I really want to get out into the world. I’m so proud of producing 4 online courses in 2018 in the realm of yoga, mind body eating, and lifestyle design. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it is finally happening! The Hatch Tribe community has been a hub for me to not feel alone and isolated as a solopreneur.”


Laura Carson

“The biggest thing I've learned....I don't charge enough. My biggest accomplishment has been organizing 3 TV events with clients and getting them on major networks like travel channel and food network, while not saying one curse word on air. 😇”


“From that moment on, my mindset, my attitude, my visceral feelings about my business, and my power of my knowledge completely took on the “diva” mindset I’ve had since I was little but never had the courage to own.”

- Carrie Boan

Image from Katie Ashley

Image from Katie Ashley

Katie Ashley

Intuitive Movement, Mindset Coach & Author

Facebook @KatieAshleyOrg

“My big win of 2018 has been stepping away from being a full time business owner. This year I had a massive realization about what was truly important to me. Around the same time a unicorn of a job offer was presented to me. Having a job, that I absolutely love, feels phenomenal and I've been able to see much more clearly how I'm meant to be of service and to present my work to the world. Amazingly, I'm able to do a lot of that work under the umbrella of this new job too! Stepping out of the "I need to make it work" energy has been a game changer and has freed me up in so many ways! Pieces of my business are still happening and evolving - but in a much more easeful and soulful way - no more hustle or scramble feeling!”

Image from LeeAnn

Image from LeeAnn

LeeAnn Neumann

Chucktown Art

Facebook @chucktownart

“My biggest win was leaving my insurance career of 12 years to focus on my photography business, Chucktown Art. I had zero work life balance prior to leaving the corporate job, and it has been fun learning that I can actually exist and breathe as a human without having to ALWAYS be at the beck and call of someone else. That I can do it all on my own (with the support of a strong tribe of course). One thing that really resonated with me and probably helped me to leap, was hearing Hilary Johnson on The Art of Doing podcast say, ‘What kind of shit sandwich are you willing to endure?’ ...I had enough of my own shit sandwich for far too long and I am so, SO happy I listened to the universe on this one. Thanks y’all. 💛”

Image from Carrie

Image from Carrie

Carrie A. Boan

NeuroLife Coach

Instagram @thebraindiva

“Creating, owning, and living my brand The Brain Diva was my proudest moment, my most insightful lesson, and my biggest win for me and my business!  Since I began brain health coaching, I almost “hid” my knowledge / confidence / strength in the neuroscience area. From the time I was young, I’ve always had this ‘diva’ mind but I kept it very much hidden. Then, as I began to talk to my friends, mentors, and even clients about what I thought I wanted my brand to portray, they all said,”Hell yes! It’s you! Own it and brand it!” From that moment on, my mindset, my attitude, my visceral feelings about my business, and my power of my knowledge completely took on the “diva” mindset I’ve had since I was little but never had the courage to own. Becoming The Brain Diva is the most rewarding decision I made for myself and my business in 2018. I am grateful for every day I get to live my brand!”

Image from Allison

Image from Allison

Allison Barbera

Allison Barbera Beauty

Facebook @AllisonBarberaBeautyWeddings
Instagram @allisonbarberabeauty

“2018 was a record breaking year for my company in terms of revenue, team size and number of bookings. It feels like a different company than it was in January! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I joined the Members Circle in February, which is the month our numbers really started to increase. I’ve become a more focused, efficient, productive entrepreneur this year and I look forward to doing even better in 2019.”


“I've allowed myself to let go of many of the things in my business that were no longer feeding my heart and have watched miracles take place as a result.”

- Stephanie Burg

Image from Tami

Image from Tami

Tami Boyce


Instagram @tami_dra

“As for biggest my lesson of 2018 - In the beginning of the year, one of my biggest clients shut down, resulting in me losing 1/3 of my expected income. First, I freaked out. Then, I took that available time and used it to offer a different service stream that I like better, which also ended up being more lucrative. The old client was safe and steady income, but losing them gave me the push I needed to seek out work I enjoy so much more! I was super lucky that it worked out, and sometimes it takes outside forces to help you make those decisions that are best for you in the long run.

My biggest accomplishment of 2018 was being chosen as the Piccolo Spoletto Festival's poster Artist. It was a huge bucket list item of mine and was such an honor when they approached me about it. Fun work with amazing people - it doesn't get much better than that!

The Hatch Tribe community has meant so much to me personally and professionally over the past few years. Joining Hatch Tribe was my first introduction to a group of like-minded ladies with similar stresses, fears, and ambitions. For me it's a great source of comfort, learning new skills, and community.”

Image from Christine

Image from Christine

Christine Angeline Mathalia

Christine Angeline Photography

Facebook @christineangelinephotography

“This year I learned: ‘Inspired action for the win!’ No matter where you turn there's a new tactic to learn. This year I really sat down to evaluate into which ones I draw energy from doing. It's likely the tasks and projects your inspired to engage in will give you a better return anyway.”


Stephanie Burg

Stephanie Burg Nutrition & Lifestyle

Facebook: @sburgcoaching

“The biggest lesson I've learned in business this year is that alignment is everything. I've allowed myself to let go of many of the things in my business that were no longer feeding my heart and have watched miracles take place as a result. Hatch Tribe continues to be a resource and support for so many of the challenges and inquiries we face as entrepreneurs and I've been delighted to be a guest mentor for the Member's Circle.” 


Jennifer Longmore

Business Coach

Facebook The Purpose Posse

“My biggest lesson? It's okay to have empty space in your calendar. Not every moment of every day needs to be filled with something.

My biggest accomplishment? Doing a crazy amount of major media appearances (radio, TV, publications), and being a regular columnist for marriage.com.

Inside Hatch Tribe Members Circle, I love the safe and encouraging space. More importantly, we're all treated like we have everything we need, that we're not lacking, and that we all have something valuable to offer. It is a very special community and there is nothing else like Hatch Tribe!”


“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to find the balance between consuming information/tools/insights and creating what I really want to get out into the world.”

- Macy Graham


Stefani Drake

Drake Strategy - Consulting

Facebook @DrakeStrategies

“This has been an exciting year for Drake Strategies. From working on large advocacy campaigns to being recognized as one of 20 on the Rise by Rising Tide Society to speaking with the UN Foundation at the American Marketing Association's Conference, I am most grateful for the friendships I have fostered through Hatch Tribe and this journey of entrepreneurship. It's easy to share the wins, but it's more important to share the hard, tricky things that happen behind the scenes and Hilary, Hatch Tribe, and so many amazing women in this group have been my rock and encouraged me along the way. I'm grateful for them, love the flexibility of being an entrepreneur, and empowered to know when to take a break and focus on friends and family.”


Lynette Hundermark

Useful and Beautiful - mobile strategy & design

Twitter @lynetteanthony

“My Big Win is actually 2. This year I won National winner of Female Role Model in Tech (South Africa) by the Southern Africa Startup awards, which is part of the Global Startup Awards. This was the first time the awards was run in Southern Africa. I won this award just after my mum passed away, mid October. There were winners across 15 countries throughout Southern Africa and competed in the Regional Finals last week. Then I won Regional Winner People's choice (Southern Africa). In the regional finals, I didn't win the Female Role Model which I was competing for but instead something bigger (to my surprise). There was an extra category, people's choice, which was across all categories that recognised the most accomplished person or company throughout Southern Africa - based on public votes alone and this was won by me. I will now compete globally next year across all regions as there are 6 common categories and People's choice happens to be one of them.

My big loss was personal: my mum passed away 11 weeks ago, after a year battle of cancer. I lost my best friend, confidant and mum all in one. I'm an only child too which makes this a billion time worse. The grief is indescribable.

Lessons learned:

  • you cannot control everything, at certain points you have to let the universe handle things and you have to react accordingly  and the older you get, personal and professional circumstances integrate. Falling apart is not optional as a business owner and mother so take things moment by moment on your own terms.

  • don't be ashamed of your accomplishments. I was also scared that it came across as arrogant, and decided recently to not think that way. Thanks to platforms like Hatchtribe, it actually makes it lovely to celebrate your successes when you see other people doing it, its really up -lifting actually especially when you are feeling down. BEcause i am not ashamed anymore of standing up and saying "I've done this and proud of myself", it actually got noticed by my industry peers which led me being the "People's Choice" in Southern Africa and that is really lovely to know.

What will female entrepreneurship look like in 2019?

We believe it will be a year of vibrant, robust, inspiring experiences of women on the rise.

We want to see you become successful beyond your wildest dreams. We want to see you overcome those fears & excuses that are holding you back. We want to see you embrace the “uncomfortable-ness” because sitting on the other side is something really awesome…It’s YOU, an even more awesome YOU. 

If you’re ready to celebrate your lessons and wins, invest in your own personal & professional development, and become a better CEO to build a better business—join us!

Hatch Tribe Members Circle is gearing up for 2019. Are you in?