Best Podcasts to Inspire You to Crush Your Goals

Hello, 2019! You’ve been a long time coming after the whopper year that was 2018.

There is no time like the New Year to dive into work with a renewed sense of inspiration and drive. So, how do you get that extra umph??

Here are some of our favorite inspirational podcasts that we recommend for a powerful dose of get-$h*t-done attitude! Tune in on your drive, at the gym, or kicking back on the couch.


For startups, covers all things scaling, managing, business culture, capitol...pretty much everything new businesses encounter before, during and after the launch. As part of the larger group The Product Collective, comes with an online community for entrepreneurs and their product to engage. The short-and-sweet episodes are perfect for commutes, busy business-people, or just those with shorter attention spans. As an added bonus, episode always includes good music too.

Why we love it: episodes are under 30 minutes each, making them quick, easy listens.

Fave episode so far: Why are we obsessed with productivity?

Goal Digger

Whenever podcasts come up inside Hatch Tribe, Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast is inevitably at the top of the list. Part chat, part workshop, each episode is conversational enough to be interested but also delivers clear takeaways on “how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.”

Why we love it: We end every episode inspired to run our business from the couch and not feel bad about it; and we actually get tools to help us do just that.

Fave episode so far: 5 Things You Can Automate in your Business

The Tim Ferriss Show

You know his name from the New York Times bestselling book The 4-Hour Work Week. The podcast is a lot like Ferriss’ books—inspiring AF, actionable, and filled with tips from awesome entrepreneurs. On The Tim Ferriss Show, Ferriss interviews some of the greatest business minds of this generation, focusing on tips, tricks and tactics that listeners can take away and use in their daily lives. Episodes are loooong, and worth it!

Why we love it: Ferriss has the clout to get big names on his podcast, and there’s nothing quite like listening to Arianna Huffington talk media or LeBron James talk about his secret personal trainer.

Fave episode so far: Morning Routines and Strategies

The Women’s Leadership Podcast


Elisabeth McLaughlin of the Gaia Leadership Project hosts this juggernaut of a podcast on women in business. Now an oft-discussed topic, she tackles it with both fire and intelligence. The Women’s Leadership Podcast acknowledges inequality, trauma and the legalities of being a female business person in America, while balancing annual planning and activism with exercises to cultivate mindfulness and discussions of hope.

Why we love it: it’s for women, as in it advocated for equality and addresses #relevant issues, but this “Women’s” podcast is incredibly balanced and a good listen for all business people.

Fave episode so far: Leading Your Organization in the Time of #MeToo

Business Schooled


Everyone wants to make the next Reddit, right? Or at least be able to if they wanted. On Business Schooled, Alexis Ohanian—co-founder of Initialized Capital and Reddit—takes that idea and runs with it, empowering new entrepreneurs and weathered CEOs alike with ideas from “the OG generation of entrepreneurs.” A podcast from Synchrony, you know this is going to be focused on financial solutions, payment technologies and data insights, but it is definitely not dense or dull.

Why we love it: It proves that Silicon Valley has guts and heart too.

Fave episode so far: Minding Your Dad’s Business

Bonus: We Study Billionaires - The Investors Podcast


If things like Commodity Investing, AI and Deep Learning, and Intrinsic Value Assessments get you fired up, nerd out on this amazing podcast that digs deep (and I mean like rock bottom) into the interests of billionaires like Bill Gates and the nuances of the stock market. Warning: there is are lot of “older-rich-(mostly)white-male” vibes going on here, but they did interview Oprah once; don’t let it deter you from this info worth learning, though. Find them on Facebook or check the Blog for a quick look at deep topics.