Best Holiday Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Business owners need to be tough, but they do not need to be hard to shop for!

Drawing a blank when it comes to gifts for your ladyboss friends or collaborators? Think of this—entrepreneurs of all people are doing a hundred things at once. They are like ten people in one! That means you have a huge target to hit when it comes to gift-giving...something for their artsy side, their practical side, their wild side.

But you want your gift for that entrepreneur friend to be amazing!

To help you (and ourselves) out, we put this question to our Hatch Tribe and the rocking biz ladies inside Members Circle: What is the best holiday gift to give a fellow entrepreneur?

Here’s our non-comprehensive but totally baller list of presents that we would love to give (or get!), complete with links to make your holiday shopping a little easier. We are all about added enjoyment without the struggle—after all, ‘tis the season for joy...and annual planning ;)

A spa day —

Running a business is exhausting, and studies prove that taking time to replenish and refresh yourself is vital to success (just look at Google’s play rooms). Sometimes us entrepreneurs need a little reminder to treat ourselves.

Any/all of these awesome books for business owners —

A gift card to a local coffee shop —


Caffeination is possibly the best gift we can think of! Another option is so pick out a coffee delivery service from the likes of Driftaway Coffee or Blue Bottle, like a monthly wine box it gets delivered straight to the entrepreneurs door. That’s a bonus for work-from-home bosses.


Bottle of wine/tequila/vodka/pick your poison —

Martini Bartened Kit Holiday Gift.jpg

Our resident makeup guru, Allison Barbera recommended liquid courage “for those ‘What that hell was I thinking opening a business?’ days!” Cheers to that. Treat them to something utilitarian but nice, like a classy red, a bottle of Espolon or Hendricks, or even some classy cocktail accoutrements.


Snail mail —


We get enough emails, right? There’s something to be said for those special moments when you get a real piece of mail (not a bill or pre-approved cardboard credit card). You know what’s even better? Sending snail mail. Give your busy entrepreneur friend the gift of a pretty little thing, a stationery or gift card set, and the encouragement to stop and enjoy some snail mail. We love this punny card set or these all-occasion cards. Or find a local designer for something extra special. In Charleston, we love Tami Boyce and Ink Meets Paper.


A fun subscription box —


Avoid the post-holiday slump with a gift that’ll keep giving well into the grey January and February doldrums. It’s the best of snail mail and the holidays, delivered right to their office or home. Who doesn’t love presents every. single. month? Sign us up! Inside our Members Circle, members recommend Fab Fit Fun. We also love Try the World for international foodies and Nicely Noted for those snail mail lovers.


Wild Feminist tee —




For the female entrepreneur who wears her bossness right across her chest, Wildfang is our favorite empowering company. From their Ruth Bader Ginsburg earrings to this box of compliments, everything inspired us to stand up and speak out, but the iconic black-on-black Wild Feminist tee is tops!