Is your "Mind On Your Money"?


Do you want to make more money with your business?

We suspect that answer is YES! But what is your relationship with money?

  • Do you find yourself shying away from looking at your finances?

  • Do you hate asking for money?

  • Do you avoid sending invoices & following up if they go unpaid?

  • Do you question whether or not you deserve the money you earn?

  • Do you want to raise your prices, but don't think you can?

These are just a few of the challenges entrepreneurs often face about money, and we're on a mission to help change this once and for all because you deserve to be wildly profitable and successful. And money isn't inherently bad or good. It's all about your mindset about money.

This month in our brand new course, Mind On Your Money, we’re going deep on the topic of money. Watch the video below for a sneak peek at what you can expect inside the course!

In the Mind on Your Money course, you’ll get access to 4 lessons that are designed to help you improve your relationship with money and feel more confident about your own financial skills!

1. Money Mindset - What is your relationship with money & how is that showing up in your life & business?

2. Financial Acumen - What do you need to learn about money to be better prepared and armed with useful knowledge?

3. Digging Into Your Business - What do you need to know about your financials to make great decisions for your business?

4. Financial Routines - What key routines can you set on auto-pilot to keep your relationship with money strong?

Get access to our brand new course, Mind On Your Money, today! It’s available exclusively inside the Hatch Tribe Members Circle, our online community for women entrepreneurs. When you join our inner circle you'll get access to epic support, mentoring, actionable courses & course, virtual events, and an incredible network of amazing female founders ready to support YOU! Join us today at

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