October is for GROWTH!

October 1st is here and you know what that means. New Month = New Theme. And this month is a topic you don't want to miss...GROWTH!

Last month we asked the TRIBE... What does growth mean to you & your business? Here's a snippet of what we heard.

  • Figuring out how to scale our business without sacrificing the customer experience

  • When & if to hire a new team member and how to structure that hire when we do (contractor, part time or full time)

  • Hiring additional team members to accommodate new clients

  • Driving sales to grow our business

  • Creating new products (or services) to sell

  • Expanding my network & collaborating with others

  • Growing my email list & nurturing it consistently

There we two strong topics that emerged and we're going to tackle these head on this month!

  1. Growing Our Teams 

  2. Growing Our Leads 


October 9 - How to Grow Your Team the Right Way

Building a business from the ground up is exciting! But somewhere along the way you realize your to-do list has become insurmountable, and you can do longer do it all on your own.

The idea of hiring help sounds like a dream! You can get some things off your plate & free up your time to focus on growing your business. 

But if you've never hired an employee (part-time or full-time) or even a freelancer,  chances are you don't exactly know what to do. And this is where a lot of business owners make some mistakes!

So we're bringing you this virtual workshop with HR expert Heather Pierce of Green Door Co. If you're considering hiring your 1st employee or even your 15th, Heather will share some great tips, tricks, and advice to help you Grow Your Team The Right Way!

During this workshop you will learn about:

  • Recruitment - How to find great team members!

  • Hiring Process - Some things to do and NOT do!

  • Onboarding - Making sure your new hires hit the ground running!

  • Retention - How to keep those amazing team members!

  • Parting Ways - So it didn't work out? It happens & here's what you need to know.


October 18 - Why 98% of Your Website Visitors Aren't Taking Action (And How to Prevent It!)

In order to sell a new customer or client, we first need LEADS! Yet one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal...that beautiful website of yours...might not be helping you get there.

Did you know that 98% of website visitors leave without taking any action? So consider that for every 1,000 people that visited your site, 980 of them just rolled out without doing a darn thing.

We'll be joined by marketing guru Lindsey Morando of Hello Bar to break down the exact steps you can take to ensure your users are having an awesome experience on your site and taking action (without feeling like you are using super salesy or annoying tactics)!

On this webinar you will learn:

  • How To Assist Your Website Visitors In Taking The Action Step You Want Them To Take! 

  • How To Create Pop-Ups That Convert Like Crazy

  • How We Went From Collecting 10 to 50 Email Addresses Per Day

This workshop will be action packed with loads of great tips, tricks, and ideas to turn your website into a lead generating powerhouse!



It’s time for our favorite event of the year. The Women Entrepreneurs’ Sunset Social is here!

Join us Wednesday, October 24th at the Historic Delaney House at Hotel Bella GraceCharleston’s newest boutique hotel nestled in the historic Ansonborough neighborhood. Come connect with the TRIBE and get to know the incredible women entrepreneurs who live & thrive in Charleston while soaking up a beautiful fall evening sunset.

We'll kick off the evening at 5:30pm with light bites, tasty beverages, and plenty of time to connect. It's a beautiful time to make new entrepreneur friends and expand your network. 

At 6:30pm, we'll gather for a short conversation with our featured guest of the evening, Kathy Meis. Kathy is the founder & CEO of Bublish, Inc., the world's first complete publishing platform with built-in marketing, branding and discoverability features. Named one of Top 10 Tech Startups in Charleston, authors can write, publish, market, sell and track their work all from one dashboard. 

Kathy has more than 25 years of experience in the media and publishing industries, working for such iconic brands as CBS and Forbes, where she reported directly to Tim Forbes. Kathy was also a founding partner of PubSmart, an author-centric conference focused on the business of publishing. 

Kathy is also a professional writer, editor, speaker and blogger on wide array of subjects including publishing, book marketing, author branding, social marketing and entrepreneurialism. She has spoken at Book Expo America, Women in Media, GrubSteet, PubSmart and IndieRecon. She graduated from Indiana University. After graduation, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in North Africa. She and her husband Chris live in Mount Pleasant, where they have raised their four children.

We'll wrap up the night by sharing a few stories and celebrating some wins because that's what this TRIBE does!




We want to make sure you get all of your questions answered about GENERATING LEADS for your business. From October 22 - 26, Lindsey Morando from Hello Bar, will be on standby taking your questions.

Need help brainstorming a good "freebie" for your biz?

Curious what kinds of headlines really capture user attention?

Want to test out Hello Bar & need a little help setting it up?

We've got you covered!


We'll be "masterminding" and sharing resources on the topic of GROWTH! Lean in. Ask questions. Share resources. Offer feedback. 

Together we will GO FOR GROWTH