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What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?



What keeps you up at night?  

Any kind of adversity as it relates to my team (that includes my trainers, managers, corporate staff, and franchisees). As the leader of my company, I strive to foster a work environment built on camaraderie. I hate letting my team down - they’re the reason I take so much pride in my work and any indication that I’ve let them down is the only thing that keeps me up at night.


What ignited the spark in you to start your business?

Working for someone else wasn’t the right path for me so I knew I had to leave my career as a corporate attorney and create my own path.  I like to create because at my core I’m an artist. I enjoy bringing concepts to life that only I can dream up in my mind. I once read a quote and it stuck with me - “Night is to dream, Day is to make them true.”



What personality trait are you most proud of?  

My work ethic.


In one word characterize your life as an entrepreneur. #TallOrder

Can it be two words? lol.  #RollerCoaster


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?  

“It doesn’t matter what you do in life, just be the best at it.” My dad gave me that piece of advice at a young age and has supported me in my crazy path to entrepreneurship since.


Name a women entrepreneur past or present you admire, and tell us why.  

Kandi Burruss. She’s an artist, she has created (and operates) several ultra-successful businesses, she’s one of the sharpest people I’ve ever witnessed and through it all, she manages to be the most down-to-earth, humble human being.  She’s a true inspiration.


Where do you find inspiration?  

In simplicity.  For example, when visiting an art gallery, I will likely leave with more inspiration staring at a solid-colored painting than I would observing something more complex.  Simplicity allows me to quiet my mind so it can think & solve problems.


How do you handle fear?

To be honest, I’d say I’m fearless as it relates to business.  I wasn’t always but what I learned along the way is that fear holds you back - the roller coaster ride that is entrepreneurship teaches you how to be resilient. And that means there’s nothing that could happen in my business that I can’t rebound back from. Hence, no fear.

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What would you do with one extra hour in the day?

Hmm, probably work. Although, I’m currently pregnant with my first (two) so in a few months, I’m sure my response will be “sleep.”


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