Let's Hear it From the Tribe - Go Time

Wow!! Totally overwhelmed by the kind words, encouragement and support I received this month from my tribe. I love the range of feedback from women in my same boat to women that have been rocking their business for years. Biggest takeaways for me - you are not alone, you got this and go for it!!! Just what I needed to hear to go crush my dreams.


Q. I have been a stay at home mom for nearly 13 years and have loved every minute of it. But now I am ready to pursue something for me, like launching my own business. But I still have so many ideas about what I want to do when I grow up! I am looking for some advice from entrepreneurs on how you made the decision to pursue your business. How did you know you'd found the "right" business for you? And when did you know it was "go time"?


Abby Holtkamp.jpg

Abby Rouse Holtkamp / Chairman at Blind Acre


“I'm swimming in the same waters... ready to get back and have a million things I want to do. My first move landed in my lap, it's something I put out in the universe 20 years ago and it was obvious I'm supposed to do this! So, I am tackling my passions one passion at a time... kind of trusting when the stars align.”


Kymberly Restelli.jpg

Kymberly Restelli / Still to be determined

“Good luck - whatever you choose know you'll do it 💯 & be great! I often have this same kind of feeling but haven't taken the leap.”


Marcie Jacobs.jpg

Marcie Jacobs / Founder of StoryClub Games and Owner at Rodan + Fields

https://storyclubgames.com/  and  http://marciejacobs.myrandf.com

“Keep a notebook by your bed. Great ideas pop up in the middle of the night and if you don't write them down, they're most likely forgotten in the morning. Notice everything around you with a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest that we overlook and take for granted everyday. You never know what might spark an idea.”


Angie Byrd.jpg

Angie Byrd / Coach


“Start before you're ready. Love Marcie's notebook idea! I keep a notebook of ideas with me all the time. Scan your body for what feels most aligned with where and WHO you are now, and start somewhere. Make a declaration and take action. What you are doing 2 years from now may not look exactly the same as it does today. Begin over and over again and adjust when necessary. Kris Manning is the world's greatest example of "shipping" when inspiration strikes. Some things will work, some won't. It all makes for a really great ride on this playground of life!!”


Cheyanne Lake.jpg

Cheyanne Lake / Farmer Extraordinaire at Tallulah Flower Farm


“I hung my heels up for a hoe and pursued my heart's desire of a flower farm at 49. I started and stopped out of fear. When I tried to do what I thought would be responsible it just didn't work! So I spent some time with God...got my answer and jumped back in with both feet....I have no idea what I am doing but believe it is what I am supposed to do.....I have 14000 plants in the field .....will see what comes of it! Pray, obey and jump with both feet....don't look back....”


Jill Cazabon.jpg

Jill Melanson Cazabon / Cazabon Associates Inc


“Personally I was so fortunate as it dropped in my lap - but when it did I knew:). 5 years in and still love what I do!”


Amy Piazza.jpg

Amy Piazza / Powerhouse


“For me it really felt like the cosmos were aligned. It was the perfect theme and the perfect time. That doesn't mean it's easy tho!”


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