Let's Hear it From the Tribe - Advice to your Younger Self

I’m getting one step closer to finally starting my own business, so this month I thought it would be fun to learn what some business owners wished they had known before when they were just starting their journey. I reached out for some wisdom from entrepreneurs that have been in business for five years or more. I love that I can always rely on my tribe of kick ass girl bosses, friends, and family for real feedback to help me achieve my wildest dreams.


Q.  What advice do you wish you could give your younger self when you were starting your business?

Camille Labarca (1).jpg

Camille Labarca / Red Bay Constructors, Corp

“Be kind to yourself!”


Donna Hollars 1.jpg

Donna Hollars /  Roper St. Francis Healthcare

“Trust your instincts.”


Julie Payne.jpg

Julie Payne / Retired CPA

“It takes about three years to really establish yourself. After that it gets easier.”


Donna Mathias.jpg

Donna Oja Fenley Mathias / Edward Jones Investments

“Persistence. Sweep pride out of the way. And you must dedicate time to figuring out your market. Prioritize your time in blocks.”


Kimberly Heck.jpg

Kimberly Heck / Realtor at Carolina One Real Estate

“Remember, you're developing relationships, so investing your time is as important as investing your money. Oh and pay your quarterly taxes!!”


After reaching out to my Tribe and friends for advice I had to also ask two of the most important men and business owners in my life; my dad and my husband to share their thoughts.  My dad is one of the most hardworking and successful entrepreneurs I know. He moved here from India to pursue the American Dream. He very quickly realized working for himself was the best thing he could ever do. My hardworking and amazing husband agrees.


Ramesh Amin.jpg

Ramesh Amin / American Synthetic Fiber

“Persevere, don’t let the bumps in the road slow you down or knock you off your track.”


Last but not least my husband’s words of wisdom.


Mayur Patel.JPG

Mayur Patel, DDS, MS / Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry

“Be good to your employees.”

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