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Discover Your Authentic Voice - Mentor Masterclass with Matt Hampton

Discover Your Authentic Voice

Have you ever written an email (or blog, newsletter, social media post), only to re-read it and immediately delete it because you're not quite sure it sounds "good enough" to send out? 

If so, you're not alone! Finding the words and confidence to present yourself and your business to the world can be challenging. That's why we've invited writer, speaker & storyteller, Matt Hampton to the party to share his Mentor Masterclass - "Your Authentic Voice: How to Channel Who You Truly Are to Convey What You Truly Do"

In this workshop you will discover your authentic voice and learn how to confidently present yourself and your business in writing, content, and communication.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • To identify the characteristics, values and qualities of your authentic voice

  • How your voice connects with and reflects your brand, personal or business

  • How to decide which type of language to use in communicating with the world

  • How to select the best type of content to use

  • How to begin developing a personal creative practice to aid in the development of your voice


Matt Hampton - 100 Connections

Matt Hampton first fell in love with storytelling at age 3, in a dark theatre, watching Return of the Jedi.  From that moment on he was hooked and moved through life seeking adventures, techniques and new stories to tell.  Matt studied creative writing at the University of Missouri - Columbia with such incredible talents as Syl Jones, Sherrod Santos and Tony Kushner.  From there he undertook a whirlwind adventure through 13 years in the military, working in tech and financial services, then finally to entrepreneurship and full time work as a writer and storytelling coach.

His first love was playwrighting, but Matt has also engaged in every type of creative and professional writing there is as well as inventing a few.  (He’s sure he has invented a few.)  He is the founder of the very successful blog, 100 Connections, as well as an accomplished teacher in both the military and youth education.  When not telling stories, Matt enjoys reading, fitness, Taiko drumming and walks with the love of his life Mary Ann in Charleston.


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