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Mentor Masterclass with Stephanie Burg

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“Some days you eat salads and go to the gym. Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It's called balance!" ~Unknown (...but it must have been a wise, wise woman!)

As entrepreneurs we're known for burning the candle at both ends. We love our companies, our teams, our customers, our work...but sometimes we love it a little too much. Being constantly connected and putting in long hours can come at a cost.

We lose sleep laying awake at night thinking about "all the things". We skip a workout or grab a crappy meal on the go because we're "too F'in busy". We check social media and email sometimes before hopping out of bed because "it's just a quick check". We're not fully present in a conversation with our loved ones because our "mind is elsewhere". We put life on the back burner while we try to "get ahead" at work.

But the hours slip by, turning into days and weeks and we wake up one morning and think "WTF!?" You're feeling burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks. And now you're even questioning if you really love your business or this whole life of being an entrepreneur.

Can you relate? Yeah, we've been there too :)

Enter Stephanie Burg, our Mentor of the Month for The Girlbosses Guide to Balance! On Thursday, May 24th, Stephanie will be hanging out with the TRIBE LIVE for a Mentor Masterclass you don't want to miss.

We'll be talking all about Work/Life Balance, Self Care, and sharing tips & tricks you can implement immediately in your life to bring a little more flow & ease. We'll also be taking your questions. You can let us know your questions in advance or ask them LIVE!

The workshop will be recorded & available for replay if you're unable to join us live, so we've got you covered busy lady.

This workshop is available exclusively to members of the Hatch Tribe Members Circle. If you haven't joined us yet, pop on over to to get all the details and sign-up. You'll enjoy access to exclusive events, training, workshops, and our incredible community to connect with women entrepreneurs across the world, including our Mentor of the Month, Stephanie Burg!

Members will find details for sign up under the "Events" section in the Members Circle. 

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