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Year In Review Ritual

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Year In Review Ritual

Do you remember what you were doing on January 13, 2018?

What about March 29th? Or August 6th?

It’s likely you don’t have a stinking clue what you were doing on any of those days. For that matter you might not even recall what you were doing one month ago. HAHA!

This is the beautiful irony of the human experience. We remember all sorts of things about our past and can replay them vividly, but it’s typically only the out-of-the-ordinary moments that stick with us. It’s the wild birthday celebration with your girlfriends. It’s the vacation trip to Portugal. It’s the week you spent battling the flu. It’s your son’s first day in school. It’s the best concert of your life.

You get the point. It’s the noteworthy things in life that get our attention.

What gets lost in the shuffle are the ordinary things. Throughout the year, on those typical, average, and ordinary days, you’re doing some pretty awesome stuff. You’re moving your business forward. You’re developing the confidence and skills to become a better entrepreneur. You’re becoming an even better version of YOU.

It’s time to take notice of just how far you’ve come.

Join us on Thursday, December 13th for the Year In Review Ritual led by Hilary Johnson, entrepreneur coach & founder of Hatch Tribe. This is a year-end review like no other. You’ll be guided to unearth the powerful progress you’ve made in a year’s time, while setting the stage for where you’re headed in 2019.

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