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Why 98% Of Your Website Visitors Are Leaving Without Taking Action (And How To Prevent It)


The theme for October is GROWTH! And while growth means different things to different people, there's one thing that most entrepreneurs agree on. We want to GROW OUR CUSTOMERS & CLIENTS!

In order to sell a new customer or client, we first need LEADS! Yet one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal...that beautiful website of yours...might not be helping you get there.

Did you know that 98% of website visitors leave without taking any action? So consider that for every 1,000 people that visited your site, 980 of them just rolled out without doing a darn thing.

We'll be joined by marketing guru Lindsey Morando of Hello Bar to break down the exact steps you can take to ensure your users are having an awesome experience on your site and taking action (without feeling like you are using super salesy or annoying tactics)!

On this webinar you will learn:

  • How To Assist Your Website Visitors In Taking The Action Step You Want Them To Take! 

  • How To Create Pop-Ups That Convert Like Crazy

  • How We Went From Collecting 10 to 50 Email Addresses Per Day

This workshop will be action packed with loads of great tips, tricks, and ideas to turn your website into a lead generating powerhouse!



Hello Bar's Director of Marketing, Lindsey Morando, has 15+ years of marketing and business development experience that spans multiple industries including health & wellness, SaaS, lifestyle and hospitality.