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FREE Goal Setting Workshop for Entrepreneurs

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Let's set some goals, shall we?!

In a Harvard Business School MBA study on goal setting, the graduating class was asked a single question about their goals in life. 

The question was this: Have you set written goals and created a plan for their attainment? 

Prior to graduation, it was determined that:

  • 84% of the entire class had set no goals at all

  • 13% of the class had set written goals but had no concrete plans

  • 3% of the class had both written goals and concrete plans

So what happened with those students after graduation? They checked back in 10 years later and the results were shocking.

  • The 13% of the class that had set written goals but had not created plans, were making twice as much money as the 84% of the class that had set no goals at all.

  • The 3% of the class that had both written goals and a plan, were making ten times as much money as the rest of the 97% of the class. 

The power of setting goals & building actionable plans to achieve them is undeniable. They create the roadmap for success. That’s why we host a monthly Goal Setting & Planning Workshop for our members each month.

This month we're opening up the workshop to anyone who'd like to attend,  so if you're curious about the Hatch Tribe Members Circle and what we're all about...join us!

In this workshop, Hilary Johnson, Hatch Tribe Founder + Business Coach will guide you through her signature 3-step goal setting & action planning process:

  • Reflect - We’ll begin by reviewing the prior month & getting a solid foundation for what’s working and what’s not

  • Aim - We’ll then start to look forward & consider your bigger vision for your business

  • Design - We’ll then bring it home by identifying your priorities, key goals, and outlining the steps to achieve them

This event is open to all entrepreneurs, so invite your friends and we'll see you soon!