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How to Build a World Class Brand with Kevin Reilly of FUSS Marketing

Converse - An Iconic Brand

Think about Coke, Nike, and Target. These iconic brands weren't born overnight, nor did they take their foot off the gas when they "hit it big". They've mastered the art of building a brand and marketing for growth and retention.

So what can entrepreneurs & small businesses learn from the best brands in the world? And how you can implement those strategies right now as you grow your business?

We'll dig into all this & more with our Mentor of the Month, Kevin Reilly, CEO and Founder of Fuss Marketing. With over twenty years of experience leading strategy, marketing and sales teams across a variety of industries, Kevin has worked with world-class brands like Polaris, Indian Motorcycle, Blue Moon, and Miller Lite. 

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Kevin founded Fuss Marketing to provide an alternative to the traditional agency models. By leveraging deep client-side experience, Fuss provides solutions rooted in a deeper understanding of the client’s business needs and delivers marketing & portfolio strategy, consumer insights, retail executions and brand planning initiatives that drive successful and measurable results in market.


Hot topics we'll be discussing:

  • How do you build a great brand?
  • What is brand marketing and why should entrepreneurs care?
  • What can we learn from the best marketers in the world that can be applied to a small business today?
  • What are the core principles of great marketing?
  • Why is consistency the name of the game?
  • Best practices from some key case studies!
  • Plus plenty of time for Q&A with Kevin!


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