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FREE EVENT! Build a Purpose Driven Business with Aimee Avalon

Aimee Avalon - Radical Female Academy

Do you crave a deeper connection to your work? If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or current business owner who wants to connect purpose + passion + profit, this virtual event is just for you!

We'll be joined by Aimee Avalon, the founder of Radical Female Academy to talk through the heart & soul of building a business with purpose.

During this FREE virtual event we'll explore:

  • What is purpose & how does it relate to building a business
  • Why finding our purpose can be so illusive & what gets in the way of discovering it
  • Learning what your zone of genius is and leveraging it to build a sound business
  • How competing intentions may be sabotaging your business
  • What to do if you already know what you want to do but can’t decide on just one thing
  • Plus plenty of time for Q&A! Aimee will be taking your questions live on the workshop.

This event is both FREE and RECORDED! Click the link below to register and you can join us LIVE or watch the REPLAY.

About Aimee Avalon

Aimee Avalon is a certified Business Consultant, Career Counselor, and Purpose Coach. She is a female advocate and the owner of the Radial Female Academy and the Radical Female Directory.

Her academy helps women match their Zone of Genius to a career, calling or cause, that satisfies their need to find meaningful work, have personal freedom, and the potential to earn a higher income. Her directory helps support, promote, and sustain female entrepreneurs. She is passionate about helping women own their full potential and become financially self-sufficient.

She has a background in counseling, with a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Aimee is also a Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a psychometric examiner. She is a member of The American Board of Vocational Experts and co-owns an IT Recruiting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is committed to helping women attain prominent positions in technology start-up companies.

Aimee brings her history, knowledge, and passions into her daily work inspiring women to play a bigger game by owning their full potential and building businesses they both love and are exceptionally good at.

She is also a mother to 2 teenagers, a stepmother to 2 teenagers, an optimist, a dancer, and of course, a Radical Female.