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Navigating life as an entrepreneur can be hard work, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to take your business to the next level, working with a coach and mentor can help support your journey, facilitate change, and shift all those beautiful ideas into action. Together with your coach, you'll get focused on your most important work allowing you to cultivate passion & profits with your business!

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Individual Coaching

You’re an entrepreneur on a mission. You have big dreams
and you’re ready to take action, and you're craving
the support & accountability of a coach. Individual
coaching with Hilary offers you a completely
customizable approach to your project or goal.

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Every entrepreneur needs her own board of directors - a
team of people whom she trusts to share and receive
feedback on her biggest opportunities and
challenges in business. We call this the CEO Collective,
a small, intimate mastermind for women entrepreneurs.




You want to learn
You value feedback
You are ready to take action
You know there is no quick fix
You believe change is possible
You want to be held accountable
You want to celebrate your wins
You want a giant dose of encouragement
You are tired of repeating the same mistakes
You are ready to pursue that big projects or goal
You are open to uncovering better ways of working
You are ready to invest your time, energy, and finances into personal and professional growth




Tami Boyce

"Hatch Tribe has been a real comfort to me in the last year. It's so amazing to be part of a community of women that all share the same stresses, frustrations, and joys that I do as an entrepreneur. I feel much less 'crazy' knowing I'm not alone in my journey, and its been awesome to develop some great friendships through this group."


Parker Wilson

"Hatch Tribe is everything that’s needed and nothing that’s available in today’s entrepreneurial community. Each session offers two invaluable resources to the ever hungry and always searching entrepreneur: community & applicable wisdom. Intuitive speakers and relevant content will encourage your next steps and leave you eager to return for next month’s session!"


Suzanne Moore

"I attended my first Hatch Tribe event recently and it was pivotal to me making some very big decisions about my life -- buoyed by the support and encouragement of the women I met that night!  This is a remarkable group of women!"